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Chicago Peace Initiative
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    Chicago Peace Initiative is providing employment opportunities,
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​for under 18

CPI offers business building

opportunities for those who

want more in their life Now!  

​for those over 18

These opportunities are for those 

who need some help finding

their path in life.

​for Community

CPI is seeking volunteers to help 

further its programs. Contact us to 

find out how you can be involved.

Programs for those UNDER 18

Project Peace: This project will be an ongoing youth led project to get residents in Englewood to make verbal covenants of peace . Peace bands or wristbands will be distributed and sold by the hands of the youth. This will be the kick start of the initiative. Two goals in mind ; one to raise the consciousness of peace and peace education. Two it gives our youth profitable gain and will be used as an entry level model of interception. We will help the young entrepreneur create and manage their own business. The office serves as the wholesale supplier of products that they can sell. We help them master inventory control, pricing, budget management and time management. The goal is to help them earn some money while they further their education in a fun and positive environment.

Project Glory : Project Glory will be ongoing, This youth led project will allow youth to sell and distribute hair from bundles to braids to eye lashes. Hair and beauty products are one of the most consumed in the low socioeconomic communities. The model of interception will be very profitable . Hair has always been equated with glory; unfortunately hairlessness is equated with shame.

Project Health: Project Health will be ongoing. The youth will distribute health education materials.  There will be affordable fresh fruit, vegetables, Cold press juice and Melaleuca products distributed and sold by the youth. The food and health industry has a trillion dollar buying power alone. The youth will intercept those economics as well.

Programs for those OVER 18

Project Work: These are programs for individuals 18 and over. This project will sign up anyone in community to work that’s over 18; only needing a State ID and SS card.  The jobs are background and drug screen friendly. Transportation is provided for jobs in the Chicagoland suburbs . We have one goal - to help each individual become the most successful, prosperous person that they can be. To that end, we provide job readiness skills, job training, placement assistance and other support services as needed.  

Community Involvement

We are always seeking companies and individuals who want to work with our youth and programs. Some of the volunteer opportunities include teaching job readiness skills, helping study for diplomas, mentoring... the list goes on and on...

Our Founder

Jeffrey Maxwell

Mr. Maxwell grew up in the neighborhood we now call home. It is his life-long mission to help today's youth avoid some of the traps he fell into and see them each live their best possible life.  To that end, he has crafted numerous ground-breaking programs. The founders track record working with the youth is an impeccable one. Since 2006 the founder has taught life skills at the juvenile detention center, taught childevangelism at new faith Baptist church in the suburbs.  Has worked for DCFS since 2008 and has established Christian clubs in three high schools in the Englewood community (Paul Robeson, John Hope, and Harper). He is overqualified for this task.

For queries, give us a call

For more information on the programs, please give us a call or email.